Our Training Philosophy
We are committed to using positive reinforcement methodologies to increase rapport, trust, choice and skills with your canine companion. We do NOT use aversive stimulation, positive/negative punishment or negative reinforcement based methods. We follow the science for best practices and there are many studies that show the power of positive reinforcement with our canine companions and the negative effects of using aversive/positive punishment methods. Aversive/punishment based methods are unethical, ineffective and inefficient when training and working with our canine companions. Research has shown us there is absolutely no reason to use these methodologies and using positive reinforcement can be used in all areas of training with all dogs, no matter what the behavioral problem may be.

We are also passionate about our shelter and rescue animals. Our CEO continues to volunteer at her local shelter- Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS) and loves working with others who foster or adopt shelter dogs. We also work closely with TCRAS on implementing a shelter wide enrichment program, as well as providing training to our canine and feline friends at the shelter weekly prior to adoption.