We offer 1:1 training with your dog. We can do this in center or in your home.

Shelter Training
We offer training at rescue’s across Colorado if you need help with dogs to be ready for adoption!

Group Classes
We offer group classes and will have our calendar for classes available shortly!

Service Dog Training
We also train service dogs for a variety of tasks for their humans. We train from basic cooperation training to advanced tasks.

Please contact us at or 719-204-1997 for more information! Or visit us at on our facebook page or instagram

Future Plans
We are in the process of securing land and building a kennel for our Soul Dog house which will be a train and board for shelter dogs coming from around the community and New Mexico and Texas. Additionally we will have a puppy raising room for shelter mama dogs so they don’t have to give birth in a shelter. We will also be building a state of the art training facility. Look for announcements this Summer 2022.