Welcome to No Limits Canine Learning Center. We are a positive reinforcement only center. Meet our team!

Erin Polk, M.Ed., BCBA 

Erin has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for the past 20 years, although mostly with humans and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She currently has a behavior therapy company (No Limits Behavioral Solutions) for both children and adults who need ABA therapy. For the last several years she has been volunteering at her local shelter (Teller County Regional Animal Shelter- TCRAS) which really turned her desire to helping her animal friends as well. This is also where she met her future service dog Oliver! Erin is an avid volunteer for the Doggy Day Out program. See this video for more information on this amazing program: https://youtu.be/cdLc5GFDWYQ

Erin is currently enrolled in the Karen Pryor Professional Dog Trainer program and will graduate in March 2022! She will then work on her certifications with both the CCPDT and IAACB! 

Currently Erin has an amazing pack of 6 dogs and several cats and an amazing partner who puts up with her love for all things animals. She loves to go hiking, kayaking, boating and camping and anything outdoors. 

Erin also continues to actively foster dogs and puppies that come through the TCRAS shelter! 

Amie Konkol
Director of Canine Operations

Animals have been a huge part of Amie’s life from a young age. Her first job was at a veterinary’s office at the age of 16 and she learned quickly that she was going to work with animals one day. She had to put her career  and dreams on hold for awhile so that she could raise her family, but in 2016 Amie decided it was time to start following her dreams and enrolled into Pikes peak community college and majored in Zookeeping technology, by December 2019 she graduated with an AAS. During the time at college the two courses that made a huge impact on her were animal training and animal behavior.

Her start in the animal field began at Pueblo Zoo as an intern working with exotic animals, then at a local shelter called TCRAS this is were she was able to apply her knowledge of animal training and behavior to help the animals there. Recently she enrolled in OSU to begin her journey to earning a bachelors degree in Zoology and is currently in Karen Pryor Academy and will graduate as a professional trainer in April 2022. Side note: Amie got to work with the author of Click To Calm, Emma Parsons, for her KPA school journey!